Harmony and tradition in a natural way

Close your eyes and imagine a place where silence is disturbed only by snorting horses and twittering birds.  The distinctive scent of wild flowers, the wildlife on the banks of River Rába and the ancient oak trees is blowing in the wind. In Vadkert – just like in old times - you can meet the wild animals living in the surrounding forests and the domestic animals living on the farm. If you feel like riding a horse, you can choose from the beautiful horses of the stud that was established two hundred years ago.  And if you fancy it, you can refresh yourself by the healing power of the excellent thermal water of the spa nearby that has a good reputation all over Europe.

We have some great news: this place does not exist only in your imagination.

The experience of real leisure is not a luxury. Recharge your energy at our place.
Welcome to the Vadkert Grange in Sárvár.

Vadkert Grange

We welcome our guests in the wildly romantic natural surroundings of the historical game reserve of the Nádasdy Castle where everybody can enjoy the sublime sight of the grazing horses and the timeless dignity of the 200-year-old oak tree.  


We have reinterpreted the building complex of the Grange from the 19th century according to the local culture and history. We have decorated it with the folk art of Vas County in order to provide the comfort of the 21st century for our guests longing to relax.  


We prepare our dishes from the noble game hunted in the forests of Sárvár and its surroundings that have a well-deserved reputation, a variety of forestf mushrooms as well as local, seasonal and fresh ingredients and we add some special secret components: our heart and the unique historical atmosphere of the place.    
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